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Avidbots: The Neo Platform™

Skylar Lawrence-LeBel, Marketing & Events Manager, AvidbotsSkylar Lawrence-LeBel, Marketing & Events Manager,Avidbots
The autonomous commercial floor cleaning robot.

The Neo™ autonomous floor scrubbing robot turns conventional floor cleaning upside down. Built from the ground up to be a robot, Neo is optimized for autonomous cleaning and sanitization. You won’t find a cup holder, seat or steering wheel on Neo — they’re not needed, make the robot’s design less optimal, and reduce your team’s efficiency and your return-on-investment.

Built from the ground up to be a robot, Neo is optimized for autonomous cleaning and sanitization

But Neo is so much more than your typical self driving floor scrubber. The Neo floor scrubber automates the cleaning process powered by the Avidbots AI Platform. Leave floor care to Neo, and let your team focus on higher value tasks.

Why Neo?

• Neo tackles the time-consuming and tedious job of scrubbing floors, freeing your employees to concentrate on higher value tasks, increasing the productivity of the entire cleaning function.
• Neo improves the health and safety of your employees by reducing fatigue, errors and injuries from repetitive strain, while lowering the risk of cleaning virus-infected floors.
• Neo, with advanced automation, is better suited than humans for maximum uptime and repeatability.
• Neo autonomously cleans up to 3,900 m2 / 42,000 ft2 per hour*.
• *Calculated maximum theoretical value.
• Neo operates with minimal human intervention: hit ‘start’ and Neo does the rest.
• Neo can also be used in manual mode for quick or full-scale cleans.

Best-In-Class Technology Integration

Neo is equipped with the Avidbots AI Platform featuring a suite of market-leading sensors, resulting in superior obstacle avoidance. Combined with advanced diagnostics and Avidbots Remote Assistance, Neo is unmatched in autonomy and navigation and the best in keeping the operational environment safe.
  • Neo, with advanced automation, is better suited than humans for maximum uptime and repeatability

Intelligent By Design

Neo's simple setup and intuitive operator interface makes it easy for anyone to use. With the Avidbots AI Platform, Neo is able to act and adapt to its surroundings at a level unmatched in the marketplace. With the Avidbots AI Platform, cleaning plans dynamically update according to changes in the environment, minimizing cleaning time while maximizing productivity.

Industry-Leading Safety Features

With the Avidbots AI Platform, Neo is able to adapt to changes in the environment, leading the industry with real-time obstacle avoidance! The state-of-the-art technology combined with sensor redundancy, multiple e-stop buttons and bumpers, as well as vibrant lights, makes Neo the best in keeping the operational environment safe.

Service + Support

Avidbots Customer Success Program and Service Plan focus on your uptime and utilization to ensure you are meeting your cleaning goals. With advanced diagnostics, Neo is able to detect when any problems arise, streamlining troubleshooting and minimizing costly downtime.

Analytics + Reporting

Avidbots Command Center, our proprietary web-based software, enables you to monitor, manage and track your Neo — or an entire fleet of robots — remotely and in real time. You’ll be able to access highly-detailed reports of every cleaning operation, including precision productivity metrics and sector-level coverage maps. With Avidbots Command Center, you'll always be in the know.

Built For Longevity

Rugged and robust construction features include heavy duty plastic cleaning solution and recovery tanks. Industrial-strength batteries allow operation up to 6 hours without a recharge. Neo is a robot designed with expansion add-ons in mind, providing more uses beyond floor cleaning.

Autonomous + Manual

Neo's operator interface allows it to be switched into manual mode with a simple command. Once the manual cleaning is completed, it is easily switched back into automated floor scrubbing mode.


The Neo Platform delivers an ROI across multiple industries including airports, consumer packaged goods, education, facilities management, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, retail and warehousing and logistics.

Ready to learn more?

Whether you’re ready to experience the only truly autonomous commercial floor scrubber built from the ground up or you’d simply like to learn why Neo makes smarter business sense, we’d love to speak with you.

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