Berkshire Grey: Radically Transforming Fulfillment with Robotics

Top 10 Supply Chain Management Equipments Solution Companies- 2020

As digitalization transforms the business landscape, organizations need to move faster, adapt quicker, learn more rapidly, and align itself to dynamic market demands in order to be successful. However, this philosophy, though true to its last word, is easier said than applied in reality; especially for suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Often times, developing, manufacturing and selling a product can challenge even the best of companies. As organizations’ business drivers change from time to time, it is essential their business processes, supply chain management (SCM) technology investment, and their overall approach to SCM also change and keep pace. An inefficient or poorly functioning supply chain can adversely affect every aspect of a company, jeopardizing the performance and success of a business.

To ensure success, companies require organization-wide buy-in to supply chain excellence. They also need to re-evaluate their performance and ensure that their strategies are aligned with key trends such as the growing importance of demand planning and collaboration, globalization, increased competition and price pressures, opportunity in outsourcing, and a focus on efficient product lifecycle management processes. To succeed organizations must also embrace supply chain excellence as a core competency at all levels. This will especially be impetrative during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As supply chain networks have evolved with time and become more complex, there is a need for greater and improved supply chain technology. ERP and SCM solution providers have made great strides and significant investments in developing solutions to address this need in areas like network and inventory optimization, product lifecycle management, sales and operations planning, manufacturing optimization, logistics optimization, RFID, procurement and business intelligence.

These technologies have paved the way for supply chain information workers to drive innovation, reduce costs, improve service and meet or even exceed customer expectations. Emerging technologies such as blockchain and IoT are helping organizations make supply chains more transparent by delivering the required data real-time and allowing them to recognize process inefficiencies, equipment inefficiencies or other incidents. They also help reduce human errors, allowing companies to meet transparency expectations from higher ups and consumers. Last but not least, these solutions also enhance productivity and profitability by enabling employees to report information in real-time.

We present to you the “Top 10 Supply Chain Management Equipments Solution Providers 2020.”

    Top Supply Chain Management Equipments Solution Companies

  • Berkshire Grey is transforming the face of order fulfillment through its intelligent robotic solutions backed by integrated AI, computer vision, and cutting-edge electromechanicals that can pick, pack, and sort products. The company supports the true notion of omnichannel fulfillment by democratizing robotics for the entire industry and disrupting the monopoly of large players. The 2D and 3D perception technologies allow the solution to manipulate visual data and perform operations across a large variety of items. The added real-time performance assessment and agile manipulation results in fast accurate picks and makes the operations more efficient. They are also offering their solutions via Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) implementation models to make the systems accessible to clients without upfront capital investment

  • TracMinds is a software R&D startup bringing innovative ideas and business models with robust technological solutions. TracMinds R&D performs market and technology research, create prototypes, build an MVP, and product to market. The firm visualizes future products & builds them looking at future needs or problems or required changes in the current market. TracMinds specialize in demanding Research & Development (R&D) for BioMedical Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Digital Healthcare, Telemedicine, EMS, Home Assistant, Supply Chain & Logistics, Transportation and Digital Learning Environment, Research and Development in the Earth Observation Field.

  • Blocksyte


    Blocksyte provides a SaaS-based blockchain solution that radically improves the supply chain for mid-market companies. The firm delivers a powerful, yet affordable and simple, way for their customers to reduce costs, get paid faster, and future-proof their business. The Blocksyte solution is unique in that it is truly end-to-end, as opposed to other solutions that only focus on individual elements of the supply chain. Blocksyte is hardware-agnostic and cloud-based, making it simple to deploy and requiring little to no IT expertise and their network provides granular, data-driven insights and analysis.

  • Craft


    Craft is an enterprise intelligence company helping organizations make data-informed business decisions. The firm’s platform provides comprehensive, validated and always up-to-date commercial data, analytics, and actionable insights. By combining traditional and advanced data, Craft gives you access to previously untracked signals and insights. Real-time intelligence on any company you are tracking now available in a secure, customizable portal for your enterprise. Access hundreds of data types on companies with new data sources added every week. Craft data, analytics and insights feed into your existing workflows and also offers seamless integration with existing systems including SAP, SharePoint, Tableau, and others.

  • E2Open


    At E2open, they are creating a more connected, intelligent supply chain. It starts with sensing and responding to real-time demand, supply and delivery constraints. Bringing together data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics partners, their collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables companies to use data in real-time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. All this complex information is delivered in a single view that encompasses your demand, supply and logistics ecosystems. E2open is changing everything. Demand. Supply. Delivered.

  • Encompass Technologies

    Encompass Technologies

    Encompass Technologies’ comprehensive RAS helps over 600 beverage distribution warehouses increase operational efficiency and manage growth effectively. The customizable system is specifically built for the beverage distribution industry and functions to fit your unique business needs with products like route accounting, warehouse management, sales execution, logistics, warehouse automation, retailer ordering tools, and more. Take control of your business with this all-in-one cloud-based system, Encompass RAS

  • Requis


    Requis is an online supply chain platform built by supply chain and technology professionals for supply chain professionals. While running supply chains for major tier one companies, the founding team of Requis realized there was a missing link when it came to the buying and selling of assets – an online marketplace purely for businesses. Inspired by consumer platforms, Requis was built based on the values of transparency, simplicity and innovation, specifically for enterprises to connect, browse, procure and sell material and equipment like they’ve never done before.

  • SC Global Tubular Solutions

    SC Global Tubular Solutions

    SC Global Tubular Solutions (SCGTS) is an international Supply Chain Management (SCM) firm providing professional business consulting and customized service solutions to major oil and gas clients. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation. As a strategic business partner, SCGTS provides expert advice for SCM project feasibility and management, innovative business model changes, and custom-made proprietary software. The firm’s worldwide network offers their business partners global resources for manufacturing, distribution, and consulting. Sumitomo companies and partnerships provide premium materials, expert supply chain management, and state-of-the-art technology in even the most remote locations around the world.

  • Surgery Exchange

    Surgery Exchange

    Surgery Exchange is a highly-specialized software company whose innovative cloud-based platform is an industry first. Utilizing the cloud-based platform, Surgery Exchange delivers a robust 3-phase program that offers providers the ability to control and manage consignments, optimize logistics and – if desired – move toward a self-distribution model focused on value based outcomes for the entire episode of care. Surgery Exchange brings all stakeholders into a collaborative environment and provides hospitals with the transparency and visibility needed to automate and take back control of the costly and time-consuming activities associated with implant surgeries, producing measurable cost-savings, efficiencies and accountability before, during and after surgery.

  • WSI


    WSI® (Warehouse Specialists, LLC) is one of the largest privately held logistics companies in the U.S. Over the past 50 plus years, the firm has grown to span a nationwide distribution network with global logistics reach. WSI delivers reliable, integrated logistics and warehousing to increase efficiency and reduce costs for a wide range of customers and commodities, including fulfillment needs, chemicals, hazardous materials, consumer packaged goods, paper, and many more. WSI's continued investment in technology allows them to continuously improve the level of service, business continuity, and responsiveness that our customers have come to expect.