How ShipMonk Helps Companies Stress Less and Grow More

Jan Bednar, CEO, ShipMonkJan Bednar, CEO,ShipMonk
ShipMonk is a third-party fulfillment center that is revolutionizing the world of eCommerce by providing multi-channel fulfillment strategies for today's global economy. Our order, inventory, and warehouse management technology — along with our exemplary customer service — is how we facilitate next-level growth for small to medium-sized businesses, allowing them to "Stress Less, Grow More."

When I launched ShipMonk back in 2014, my mission was to revolutionize the logistics industry from the inside out. eCommerce and online shopping had been at the forefront of retail for years, but it was evident to me that the logistics industry had not quite caught up to these massive changes. Instead, it was riddled with barriers — antiquated technology, poor customer service, and a general lack of the proper infrastructure that would enable the success of eCommerce business owners. It was clear that serious changes needed to be made, and ShipMonk was my solution.
  • Innovation happens from within. By investing in the right technology, you obtain the right outcome

The natural first step towards innovation was developing our own proprietary software. Our biggest challenge was creating software that was both powerful enough to oversee every aspect of the order fulfillment process, as well as user-friendly enough so that it was accessible to all, regardless of technological prowess.

The sustained growth of eCommerce requires the support of the logistics industry

Thanks to our team of talented developers, we've risen to that challenge, and our software remains one of our most valuable assets.

Being in the driver's seat of something as vital as our own software meant that we, as a company, would have the advantage of always staying true to our vision. Since we have full control, we're able to quickly adjust to customer feedback, constantly implementing new features and enhancing existing ones. One of our latest launches was a branded tracking page feature, which helps businesses provide necessary shipping information while boosting brand loyalty. Some of our other features include live shipping rates and inventory management.

In addition to the technological tools that we offer, we're big on connecting with other platforms. We now integrate with over 65 shopping carts, marketplaces, and solution providers such as Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and eBay. This is not only convenient for our merchants, but also gives them the opportunity to diversify their sales channels, therefore increasing their bottom line.

Of course, it's not just about what goes on behind the screen — we also have to innovate at the frontlines. Aside from investing in increasingly larger facilities — we total 727,000 sq. f.t. across our locations in Florida, California, and Pennsylvania — we remain focused on implementing cutting-edge warehouse technology.

Our partnerships with Locus Robotics and Kardex, two automation companies, have allowed us to greatly expand upon our functionalities and boost our productivity. Our warehouses are now equipped with robotic companions who pick orders at lightning speed — which, among other factors, has helped our accuracy rate surge to 99.85%. The Kardex machines primarily aid us in optimizing our storage space, enabling us to take full advantage of our warehouses by thinking vertically rather than horizontally.

And, lastly, it would be an understatement to say what a key role our customer support team has played in our success. Our accounts are assigned dedicated account managers, called Happiness Engineers, to ensure a smooth and efficient partnership. It’s our attention to detail, as well as the prioritization of interpersonal connections, that serve as the glue of our operations.

Innovation, service, and efficiency are ShipMonk’s bedrock values. Year after year, we've experienced extraordinary growth — from $130,000 in revenue in 2014 to $67,000,000 to 2019. We’re pleased to say that, after five short years, our future is still looking bright.

Our story is proof that thinking outside the box gets big results.
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